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Wir scheiden Ihrem Hund die Haare - Hundesalon Mary Nüsser

Guestbook Archive

Suzanne LeBlanc

Hi Mary, we want to thank you and your husband for the care and love you have given while we were moving back to Canada. Maya is fine after her long journey to Canada and we will always remember her times in your care. Thanks again.

Response: Hello Suzanne, Iàm happy, that Maya feel good and is with you together. She is so a wonderful Lady. I will miss her. Thank you for all and all the best for you in Canada. Mary

Tracey Otto

Hi Mary, I love the website! How do I send you a photo or teo of Jackson and Scout so that you can post them on your website? Jackson and Scout say HI! Cheers! Tracey Otto

Response: Hi Tracey, thank you, that you will post a photo in my web-site. I send you an E-Mail, so you can answer me. An other way is to push the button contact on this site. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A lot of kisses and treets for Jackson and Scout

Roswitha Krueger Campbell, London England

Hi Mary, I am so very relieved that you are going to be able to give our Jett yet another fantastic vacation over Christmas. He loved his stay with you the last time and I know that he missed you, Stefan and your dogs because he look a little lost when we returned home. I took that as a very good endorsEment for the way he was cared for and looked after while he was with you and all your family ( 2 and 4 legged ones). Charles and I will, thanks to you, be able to enjoy our time with our family knowing that Jett is having the time of his life. All the Best, a big wet-nosed kiss from Jett , Yours Roswitha and Charles

Response: Hi Roswitha, thanks for this nice words. I think, Jett will have a good time. A lot of friends and some sweet are waiting. Best wishes Mary

Vaughn Awa

Mary, thank you for all the wonderful times you have shared with our Rottweilers Godzilla (Goliath) and Kiana. We are safe here in California and the dogs are missing Germany because it is too hot here. Thank you again for everything and the kindness.

Response: Thank´s for this good message. Iám happy, that Godzilla and Kiana are O.K. I miss my big babies. Give them Big Kisses and a lot of sweet. Best wishes Mary

Chuck & Shelly Johnson

Thanks for grooming our darling Sassy. She was always happier & more energetic with a fresh cut. We're back in the states and going to miss you. Best wishes!

Response: I hope you have a good time and find a good groomer for Sassy. Best wishes and big kisses for Sassy from Mary

Cheryl Jim Lloyd

Hi Mary!! Well we are back in canada and in our new home!! We are enjoying the nice sunshine!! Mary, gizmo and meeka just wanted to say they miss you!! They slept all the way to canada, and where very good puppies. They are loving their new home, but miss their mary!!!Take care Mary!! and thanks again for being so good to our puppies!!!!!

Response: Hello Cheryl, Hello Jim, nice, that is allthing ok and my two puppies coming good to canada. I miss them too. But I buy one of meeka´s new sisters and think he is here. Much kisses and a lot of - Leckerli ( treets ) -. Mary

Terry Chapa

Hello Mary, I know you are taking good care of Sharky and I hope he is being a good boy for you. Give him an extra belly rub for us and tell him we miss him. Terry

Response: Hello Terry, Sharky feel very well and he enjoy his Holliday. He say thanks for the belly rub and wish you a nice time. Mary

Della Switzer

You guys are awesome with both our dogs Angel and Buddy. They just love to go to your place just like it's vacation time for them too. I have recommanded you to many of our Canadian friends in the community. I am so glad to have you as our dogs' best friend. Della

Response: Hello Della, Iám happy and waiting of Buddy and Angel. They are lovely dogs and spend a lot of fun. Best wishes Mary

chris hardy

Mary you do an excellent job and Ginger looks wonderfull thankyou i will recommend you to all my cnadian and american and NATO friends! you have a wonderfull site and we appreciate the English! thanks again chris and Ginger

Response: Hello Chris, hello Ginger Thank you for this lovely message and the compliment. I hope, my english will be better from time zu time. Best wishes, Mary

David Reilly

Hi Mary, Shaddow will miss you so much. He always looks like a brand new show dog when he returns from a session at your place. Thank you so much for really taking excellent care of him when he stayed with you all those times and we are truly thankful you took great care of him when he was sick. We will never be able to repay you for all the care, phone calls, and time spent with the local vets taking care of him while we were touring Italy. Your love of animals is so obvious and I believe Shaddow can sense it too. I am glad Shaddow was with you as we never had to worry at all and your prices were unbeatable. Thank you! Dave, Dympna, and Shaddow Reilly

Response: Hallo Dave, Dympna and Shaddow, I will miss Shaddow too. He is so lovely and beautiful and give you a lot of love. If one dog is sick, iám sick too and i look how i can help. So it is normaly for me to help. They are - my dogs - and if they feel well, iám well too. Best wishes and kisses for Shaddow Mary


Hi, my name is JoJo and I love it when my master goes away, because then I get to go to Mary's and get pampered and play with other dogs my size. I also like it when I get a hair cut because Mary makes me look very stylish and clean. Thank you Mary. I sometimes have to go to Mary's on very short notice and she always welcomes me and makes me feel like I am at home. Mary is like my second mom. XOXOXO JoJo

Response: Hi JoJo, thanks, that you feel so well, spending your holliday at our home. Your friends say, that you are wellcome everytime. They miss you and say wish you were here. Much kisses from Mary

Andy, Nala, Sammy and Daniela

Dear Mary Our owners want to thank you for your good taking care about us we're all so happy after we came for our appointments. We all wish you a long good time with your groomingstore. And a lot of happy customers. Your little babys Sammy and Nala

Response: Hello my little Babys, thanks, that you enjoy the grooming and the time, you stay with me. I wish you all the Best Mary

Cheryl Lloyd

Hi Mary!! just got on your web site!! nice to read of all the canadians that had their pets groomed by you and taken care of!! We sure are going to miss you as well. Gizmo I know is your little prince!!he will miss you,and Meeka also our new addition!! We always went away knowing they were well looked after,you gave them the best treatment of loving care. Thanks Mary for everything,we will miss you! Chery and Jim Lloyd, Canada

Response: Hi Cherry, hi Jim, we will miss you and your prince and princess too. We wish you all the Best and a long time with a lot of fun with your two baby´s. Mary and Stefan

Elizabeth MacDonald

Hi Mary - We miss you so much! You're the best groomer Jesse ever had, and we wish we could have brought you back to Nova Scotia with us. Jesse is well ... but not looking nearly as nice as she did in Germany! Best wishes, Elizabeth (& Jesse the Westie, too) Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Response: Hallo Elizabeth und Jesse, thanks for the compliment. If I could do it, I would come to you, to groom Jesse. But the way is to long and I haven`t time enough. Best wishes from sunny Geilenkirchen and Big Kisses for Jesse Maybe we see us again, Mary

Dale and Dorella

Mary, so glad you finally have the website up and running! It looks great. I will continue to recommend your grooming and dog sitting service to everyone as you have been a wonderful addition to Sophie's little world. I only wish we had known of your vacation home for Sophie to enjoy 4 years ago when we first came to GK. Both you and your husband have been angels to take such good care of our grumpy little Maltese. It's very reassuring to know she is so well loved and looked after when visiting with you. We will miss you greatly after we return to Canada this summer! All the best with the website and continued success with your Hund Salon. And sorry Sophie stole your chicken for breakfast this morning! Dorella (along with Dale & Sophie)

Response: Hello Dale, hello Dorella, we love Sophie and we are happy, that we can give her a nice time on holliday. The pretty Lady know, who she become, what she want. We will miss her too, if you go back. Best wishes, also to the -Chickenthief- Mary

Richard, Marianne, Louis & Patrick Turcotte

Dear Mary, Our Border Terrier puppy Sandy has had so much fun staying with you and your husband, and Zeus, Kiki, Lady and Mowgli (and the other visiting dogs), both at Christmas and now again at Easter. She LOVES it there with you, and it has helped her be very sociable. And her hair-trimming looked great. We will all be very sad to leave Mary's when we return to Canada this summer ; I don't think you can be replaced! We have recommended you highly to friends and neighbours. Best wishes for continued success.

Response: Hallo Marianne, we ( and Zeus ) will miss Sandy so much. Zeus will loose a funny friend. Sandy is so a lovely puppy, that you must Love her. Thank you for your recommendation. That show, I do a good job and all the dog´s are happy. Best wishes and big kisses for Sandy Mary

Beaupré Family

Hello Mary, This is a great website you have put together. Thank you for the many times you have taken care of Pokey while we travel on holiday! It is a comforting thought to know that he is in such a loving environment when away from his own family.

Response: If Pokey stay here, you don´t know, that he is here. Pokey is so a friendly, still and sociable Dog. We hope, he enjoy his holliday with his friends. Best wishes Mary

Terry Chapa

Thank you Mary, Thank you for doing a great job with Sharky. He enjoyed his stay with you and your grooming was exactly what he needed. The Chapa's

Response: Hello Terry, Iàm happy, that Sharky enjoy the time, he stay with me and that I do a good job for him. Happy Eastern, Mary

Marie-France & Simon

Hi Mary, Very nice web site. We met you through some Canadians & are so happy. Thank you very much for the grooming and the babysitting you do for Cashew...Your web site is now linked in

Response: Hi Marie-France und Simon, we love it, to have Cashew here. He so a nice boy. Thanks for linking my web-site. Best wishes and Happy Eastern Mary

Debbie Schmid

Hi Mary, We just had a look at your new homepage, very nice ! I hope it brings you all the best of luck and we'll be looking forward to seeing you in April. Quincy & Abby

Response: Hello Debbie, thanks for the best wishes. A big Kiss for Quincy und Abby. Happy Eastern, Mary